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I’m evaluating Sketchup for a future project and I’ve spent the day doing tutorials and finding my way around the software.

Looking at 3D Warehouse I notice some models appear to have restricted or even prohibited use. Right now I can’t find the model I was looking at earlier but there was one of a farm building that said "If I find this image in use anywhere and by anyone I will Sue!!

I had a read through of the terms and conditions but it seems to say on there that I can pretty much download anything I find on the warehouse and use it or alter it etc. to suit my purposes. Is there an easy way of telling which models I can download and use freely and which ones I can’t?



All have a fair usage policy inline with the 3D warehouse official guidelines.

Anybody uploading content has agreed by default to those terms so I would not worry about anybody suing you, it’s mostly kids showing off.

You can’t repackage and sell the models of course but everything is outlined in the official warehouse T&C’s

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Thank you.

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