Video Game License Question

Hello to everyone.
I’m currently building a video game for the Apple Store and I was wondering if I can freely use 3d warehouse models in my project.What I’d like to do is use those 3d models as 2d graphics.
I have read the tos,but,to be honest,I’d like some confirmation about what I can and can’t do.

Thank you in advance.

Maybe Mike will respond, but I wanted to put in my $0.02 and mention that we did a project with Cornell for a game for kids on the Autism Spectrum where our Project Spectrum kids did the models - Astropolis. :smile:

Hi @sallingere,

The relevant part of the 3D Warehouse ToU for what you’re asking is Section 7. Beyond that, we can’t interpret our terms for you. You’ll have to consult a lawyer.

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Hello, if you can’t figure out the answer from reading the Terms of Use Please email: and explain your situation.

Many thanks,

Hi Sallingere, I’m a freelance illustrator and also want to know if i’m able to incorporate models into my illustrations to provide to clients without the fear of any copyright/legal repercussions.

I’m not getting any definitive answers from the email address so far.

Did you have any luck?



Hey tibbyninja and Sallingere,

We really aren’t trying to be cagy by not just saying “yes” or “no” to how you can use 3D Warehouse models. The reality is that we don’t know how a particular court might interpret the Terms of Use for every situation that could arise and we don’t want to get in trouble by trying to guess.

What we do know, however, is what our intent was when we wrote the Terms of Use. Our intent was to let everyone know that models uploaded to 3D Warehouse could be used for commercial purposes such as video games or client presentation. That doesn’t mean you can use 3D Warehouse models for anything you want, it just means that when we wrote the Terms of Use, we intended for 3D Warehouse models to be used as part of commercial projects.

Sometimes we even use 3D Warehouse models for SketchUp marketing, so our lawyers must think it’s ok, but if you need a definitive “yes” to a question like, “can I use this particular model for my particular purpose”, you’re basically asking us for a legal opinion we can’t give. You’ll need to talk to your own lawyer for that.

I hope this helps!

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