Usage of 3D Warehouse models in non-monetized YouTube video


I’ve been using Sketchup to create a replica of a house from a 90s video game, I am hoping to render it and share a ‘3D walkthrough’ on my YouTube channel. This is a project solely for fun/entertainment, there is no profit involved and my channel is not monetized.

I would like to use a few objects from the 3D warehouse within the render; things like tables, doors, plants, etc.

As far I can tell, this falls within fair use, but I just wanted to check that this project is acceptable and I’m not risking being sued or something :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

To get advice like this you really should retain legal counsel. No one here is qualified to give youlegal advice and none of the Trimble exployees would be permitted to give legal interpretation of the terms of use.

Your profile indicates you have a current SketchUp susbscription. If that’s correct, my opinion is that you should be able to do what you propose. It is only my opinion, though, and probably worth what you’ve paid for it.