Commercial use of model in video?


Hi there,

I’m sorry, but I’m still confused about commercial licensing with the models. I found a few models in particular that would like to be able to use in a corporate video. The format of the video will not have credits (it’s a promo video) so attribution within the video would be awkward. The user whose models like does not have a “contact” link which makes me assume I cannot contact him/her to ask.

The model would be converted to an OBJ file for use in After Effects (not SketchUp).

I’m used to seeing a line or disclaimer saying “Attribution, Non-Commercial,” etc. Am I just missing this somewhere?

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Hi Stephen,

The license terms applicable to models downloaded from 3D Warehouse are available here:

In addition, there’s an FAQ doc here: outlining some common use cases.

Those of us on the SketchUp team who participate in these Forums aren’t lawyers. So we can really only point you in the direction of the web pages listed above, we can’t give advice about individual use cases. Per the Terms, those types of questions should be directed to where they’ll be routed through proper legal channels. Note that responses from our legal department take time.

Yes, that kind of wording is common for sites that have implemented licensing terms similar to those defined by Creative Commons – but the terms are often defined on a per-thing basis. The License terms as defined on the page listed above apply to all models on 3DW (noting those terms that are specific to Google-owned models - See Section 3).