3d model in games and movies


Hi, i am wondering if the 3d models here can be use commercially in games and movies? I don’t think it is answered in the faq.



That depends on the copyright of the individual model. Some models on the 3D warehouse are free to use, others are not. It would be best to check with the author of whatever model you want to use. Some authors will be glad to let you use their creations, others might not.


That is, I understand, not quite correct. All content in the Warehouse is subject to the same conditions.

It is almost intelligibly stated in these documents:

If you cannot make sense of it yourself, let your lawyer read it.



In particular, read sections 1 and 2 of the second (#license) link Anssi provided. They spell out both permitted and prohibited uses.


It would seem I was incorrect, sorry about that. I was going by what one of my previous employers had said; it looks like they need to re-read the terms of service, as do I.