License Question (Youtube)

Am I allowed to use 3d Warehouse models to create a green screen background for an youtube video? Which will be monetized and used for commercial purposes? So basically if a room (background) has been created and used in a youtube video (monetized and commercial purpose)

Didn’t really get an answer on this website.

I am not an attorney, but I suspect your question should also be directed to YouTube. I suggest you contact the author of any 3dwh model you want to use to discuss potential compensation. It may be feasible to arrange a deal with someone in this community to supply models meeting your requirements. Good luck!

AFAIK part of the 3DWH terms of service you agree to is that whenever you upload a model to it you accept that the model may be used by other parties in whatever usage scenario, but probably best to check the EULA.

Probably the main question is if the person has a valid licensed Pro version of SketchUp so it may be used for commercial purposes.