How to get an approval to use models from 3D Warehouse?

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I am PhD student at the University of Illinois. My research area is analyzing transportation infrastructures. I have recently come across sketch-up and I must tell you that I love it! However, when I searched if I could use the models from 3D Warehouse in the papers and books I am writing I saw this:

Can I include models from 3D Warehouse in the research project I am publishing?
Answer: No, this is impermissible aggregation. You need an approval of each developer.

So, my question is that how I can get approval from each developer? Is there a form or something? Any help would greatly be appreciated!


You can send an email to the author of the models you wish to use, requesting permission for use in your work. The individual may consent or may counter with specific conditions. Because the model is placed on 3dwh, a public website, and contributors agree to allow other users to freely d/l the materials, it is quite likely that most authors will consent to your request. Hey just be prepared for the occasional NO.

To contact a 3dwh author, just click on their avatar (or photo) and then click on the Contact button in their profile. There may be an email, LinkedIn, or Twitter contact that you can reach out to.

Thanks a lot!

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