My warehouse is empty

Something has happened to my 3D warehouse. Don’t use it much but had a few models on there, one of which had 25k downloads. Is there a Trimble member that can help me out here to retrieve my stuff please.

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Can you give me a model name or something to search by? I’ll take a look and see if I see the same thing.

By the way, what SketchUp version are you using. Please complete your profile.

Thank you Dave,

Using SU pro 2017. My most downloaded model was Metro tile white.

My profile needs updating to my current setup yet. Btw. the warehouse problem occurred before acquiring my new system.

This is what I see when I search for Metro tile white

And after clicking on your head:

Are you sure you’re using the same login?

It might be worth trying a sign out sign in.

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Thats me. Tried signing in and out several times now but no good

Clear your browser caches. Maybe something is hung up there.

What do you see if you sign out of the Warehouse and go to this link?

This is a screen shot of the link after logging out.

When logged in to the warehouse there is still no mugshot so as if I’ve never used it before.

Did you ever created a second account with that email address/gmail-account?

Not that I know of. I’m not sure how it works but my Trimble login might be from my yahoo account. I would normally just log in through google with my gmail account.

Clearing caches hasn’t worked.

One relief is knowing that it is all still there. Just a case of getting to it now.

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Using a browser (not in SketchUp) can you logout of 3D Warehouse and then sign back in using Sign in with Google? (not the Trimble sign in). I’ve looked you up on 3D Warehouse and your content is associated with a gmail address.

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Do you receive notifications?

As an aside, although SketchUp is owned by Trimble, we still think ourselves as SketchUp Team members, before we remember that we’re also Trimble employees.

If you have another computer, or any friends with computers, it would be worth trying from there. At least you will see what the rest of the world is seeing.

Having said that, I only see one model under Scott C. How many models should there be?

Thanks, and curious, I get this:

Do we allow multiple Scott C.'s?

Yes, the Display Name for users on 3D Warehouse does not enforce uniqueness, unfortunately.

Thank you, Peter S.

Hi Psaal,

I’ve signed out and back in through a browser (safari) and still the same result. I think I have 4 models shared. The white metro tile, a red version, a fireplace and a door.

@MikeWayzovski . Yes I normally receive ‘Like’ notifications to my yahoo email account. The last being on the 7th August. The issue occurred some time before then. I can’t remember exactly when but a busy work schedule put the issue out of mind.

I really appreciate alll the help you guys are putting in for me here.
Thank you.

Because for testing purpose, (and I mean testing purpose only)
I just liked that model🤣