3D ware house offline?

Hello everyone :Leve_smílio:

I do not know if it happens only for me, but I’m not able to access the 3d warehouse in Google Chrome.

I get a message that the page does not exist. (page not found)

Imagem link:

In Edge is ok, however this browser is not suitable for my use.

If someone had already reported this, please disregard my post.

It works for me. Maybe try clearing your caches.

Yes, the caches are clean,
I do this once or twice a week, it depends on the file flow during the week.

But thank you for your tip.

Now it seems to have returned to normal operation.

But I will keep the post so that someone
in the technical area can be aware of what has happened,
as this may be useful for them.

Yes, we had a glitch during a push today. All should be back and working properly.

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