Please help, Model stolen from 3D warehouse

Did you investigate the Credits Feature within SU?

Looked at your Warthog APC… impressive model but I did purge 50% of the 16mb original file size :slight_smile:

I use this option in addition to the watermark.
I already knew this option before but never used it, but now I will apply it to all my 3d models;

This apc is a old model, my new models are purged and have a limited number of textures and to reduce the weight of the model. You can see it on this 3d model who was recently updated: Bateau à vapeur | 3D Warehouse :slight_smile:

Credits are automatically assigned when uploading to the Warehouse. No need to do that manually. but it won’t hurt either.
One edit (draw an edge, remove it) and anyone can add their credits, too.

it’s true that credits on the 3D Waterhouse are quite a problem, but unfortunately that’s all I can do, but i think that a user like “zeta” who downloads thousands of models in a few hours won’t bother editing my templates to remove the credits

Whatever happened to the download limits? I thought this was supposed to at least slow users like “seta” down. I know there were a lot of complaints from SketchUp Make users when it was first put into place.


Trimble removed the Upload Date from MODEL INFO in the Warehouse about four years ago. When we had both Upload Date and Date Modified, it was very easy to tell who originally created a model no matter how many time they edited or modified it. Came in hand if someone did not claim authorship wthin SU. When I use a model from the Warehouse, I try to make sure that what I download is by the original author, which can sometimes require time in figuring out if the author did not claim credit when they were creating their model. There have been times I have chosen not to use a model if I cannot figure out who really created it.

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