Download Limits on 3D Warehouse

We would like to help folks understand why we implemented download limits on 3D Warehouse.

A small number of 3D Warehouse users have been downloading very large numbers of models, thousands in a day, every day. This activity is clearly not for their personal enjoyment of 3D Warehouse. It is content aggregation and a violation of the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use. Most of these users have never uploaded a single model to 3D Warehouse and some of them are reselling the downloaded models.

Our goal is to make 3D accessible to everyone, whether they are using SketchUp or another software application. But this aggregation activity is bad for our community of contributors and in the long run it damages the platform. It needed to stop. We’ve made the limits as generous as possible for our free users, and continue to provide unlimited downloads for our paying customers.

We realize that some folks may not like this. If you are uncomfortable with it please feel free to remove your content from 3D Warehouse. Thanks for your understanding.