Classic to Subscription

I have a major beef with the recent change in licencing. I renewed my my Classic Pro Licence Maintenance & Suppport Subscription in April 2020, When I go to the 3D warehouse to down load models, Its placing a daily down load limit on me… If I’m a paying customer why would you treat me like that? If your not providing me any services then why am I paying you? If your not going to honor paying customers then we need to talk about refunding the money I payed Trimble. I’m going to start calling the corpirate office and registering a complaint agaist the Sketchup Group. There is something seroiusly wrong with the way your managing this division.

The only download limits I’ve heard of were for people who are just downloading models and aggregating them to sell on their own sites. This download limit is 100 per day and 1000 per month. That shouldn’t affect any normal users.

Normal User? I’m down loading standrad models for several projects that I’m working on. My comment is geared towards the new restriction and pitch to sell subscriptions to exceed the newly placed limits.

SO the limits they have established shouldn’t affect you. Again, they are aimed at those who have been downloading models and selling them on their own sites. They aren’t aimed at users like you and me.

By the way, this has nothing to do with the Classic or Subscription license.


I received a notice and was limited to 100, so it has effected me today. I guess I will need to meter my down loads and spread them out over the month? Not sure of what your point is. My complaint is cenetered around the changes from Classic to Subscription. I dont think anyone who is paying likes being resticted, I am going to pursue a complaint through the corpirate office.

Paying license holders are exempt from the limit. If you are seeing a limit sign most likely you are signed into the warehouse under a different user name than is associated with your license. I am in this same situation too but have not bothered to fix it yet because…

The limit for free users is 100 models PER DAY. 1000 models per month. Numbers carefully crafted to not affect anyone except those illegally collecting masses of models to be sold on other third party sites. I’m not worried about it, I don’t think anyone else should be worried about it either.

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Good Point, I’ll verify my Licenece and Sign in to see if that whats going on, but I’m pretty sure its the same account and sign in thats assocaited with the licence. Thanks

Its the same signin account thats associated with my Licence, they may have changed it for the new subscription package…

I don’t mind if I’m wrong about this, but is it not subscribers who don’t have the limit? As I understand it, subscribers are paying for a set of features as a subscription, and so they get all of the available features. If you have a Pro subscription you get to download as many models as you like, you can use VR headsets, Hololens, AR in mobile, full use of SketchUp Shop, unlimited Trimble Connect storage, and large area import with geo location. Classic license users paid for permanent use of the desktop application for a given version, and then can choose to pay $120 per year to upgrade their license version, and to get support.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything in the Classic license approach that includes a subscription payment, and so many of the things that subscribers get are not included for Classic license users.

Well, it looks like the classic licence maintenance and support subscription doesnt include unlimited downloads is what your saying. Trimble is not making the case for me to renew and go subscription based on the changes that I’m seeing. Why the agressive move and denile of services? Thats not good for the consumer base. What ever happened to to listening to the base, after all we use and support your product. I feel slighted, and disapointed at the very least. I’ve been an active supporter of Sketchup with my peer group for many years. And with all of the unwelcomed changes I cant support where Sketchup is moving the software to. Thanks for listening to my ranting, I have a better understanding and clear sense of where I stand.

I thought any paying license included unlimited download. I could be wrong too. I’m basing this on the warning message which says “Heads up SketchUp Free Users! …”

And on @jody post which only mentions Free users:

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In a discussion elsewhere, @TheGuz said: “There is no limitation for subscribers of any SketchUp product (Shop, Pro, Studio, etc).”

The ‘etc’ is intriguing, but I’m sure he didn’t mean to imply Classic, as it’s not a subscription product.