3d models download limitation for free plan. "no permission" keep appearing on clicks. The first day, it only allows to 100 models download

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It’s not a limitation just for sketchup free users, it’s for people that abuse of the 3D warehouse downloading a lot of models and not uploading anything. A lot of people were making money out of the free models, selling them on other places so the terms of use were adjusted so there’s a limit on the models any user can download.

Why do you need to download more than 100 models in one day?

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Thanks Francis, really appreciate it. Yes I was a bit carried away with the joy of downloading nice models for my resort design project, this was my first time. I’m not selling the models, it is for my library purpose only. By the way I have got permission just now again!


The 3DWarehouse is a library. No need to duplicate it on your computer…

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roger that

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You folks do realize that the 3DWarehouse is more than just for downloading components, right? Some people use the site to upload scenes and environments. Also, I just got a message that said something to the effect of “Woah there. You’ve just exceeded the download limit for the day. To continue downloading please subscribe to SketchUp” but I’ve already got Sketchup Pro 2022. Why am I getting this message when I have the Pro version?

@DoubleE :

This post is in this same thread 4 posts above yours!! It contains the answer to your question…

So what it’s saying is that you can have the highest subscription possible and STILL have a maximum download cap on how many models you can download in a day?

Here’s the original post:

I am not aware of limits for pro users.

Good catch @MikeWayzovski !
This sentence from the original post: “We’ve made the limits as generous as possible for our free users, and continue to provide unlimited downloads for our paying customers.” suggests that there is no download limit for paying customers!

I’m starting to think that it’s not the individual user’s problem, but a problem with the site as a whole. I got disabled from downloads agan, but it happened at the same time the 3D Warehouse got upload-bombed by furniture companies.

Curious if the email you use for your SketchUp subscription is the same one you use for 3D Warehouse. As a subscriber you shouldn’t be seeing the same limitation.

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