Sketchup Pro 2024 User - Warehouse Download Limits

Hi there,

I am a sketchup pro user; I am trying to download assets for my firm to use. We have been doing a lot of redundant repair on existing models on the warehouse and I wanted to add light objects/high res textures to existing models. Unfortunately, while downloading I was hit with a download limit.

It was my understanding that pro users have unlimited access to the library, is this no longer the case?

Thank you,

I haven’t tested to to see if I’m right, but if you are downloading from a browser, the check to see what subscription you have may not happen, or you could have accidentally been signed in with a different email address. I believe that when signed in within SketchUp, to your Pro subscription, you should be able to do unlimited downloads.

@TheGuz may be able to see if there’s another explanation.

It seems that even in Sketchup I am unable to download additional models. I can check to see if each employee is assigned a seat or if we’re using floating seats, that might also be why Sketchup is unable to detect that I am a pro user.

Either way, seems like pro users should be able to download from browser or in-app without these limits applied to them.