Why i can not download 3Dwarehouse file for 3 days?

help,could some working personnel tell me why i can not download 3Dwarehouse file for 5 days?

you download su files too much,i am angry,that is why

just give him another chance

there was never a free 2018 version.

please fill in correctly your profile.

have you downloaded a ton of models recently ? free accounts have a limit (per day or week, not sure) to avoid people just siphoning stuff.

it already happened to you in july

you reached the limit of 100 downloads and it blocked you from downloading until the limit was reset.

and it’s been the policy since 2020

yes,not a ton of models,just 100 models per day recently,i need many model these days, last i baned just one day ,you mean next week my accouts will recover,for sure?thanks you,handsome

what are you doing with those ? at some point if you need that much stuff, time to uninstall your cracked 2018 version and get a proper subscription.
Can you show us the model you’re working on ? with so many elements in it I’m curious.

no idea, I’ve never hit the limit.

hahaha quite the joker.

Now go fix your profile with proper infos.
Since you can’t download models, you have nothing better to do. and it’ll take 10 min.

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3d warehouse network instability in my area,so i download …i will not do it next time,limit account uncomfortable

could some one tell the exact rules about download limit.do i need to abandon the account or just wait for a week

You need to stop stealing.

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haha…thanks,then what

You could try modeling something.
Why do you download so many models?

It’s not really funny. I know that whatever I put in the 3DWH is up for grabs by anybody walking by, but I work hard to try to make nice models, and I like to show off my work. If I use someone else’s model…I make sure the viewer knows who that model belongs to because they created that model - not me. If the Warehouse belonged to me, not only would the download limit be MUCH lower… if a user didn’t have any proper models of his/her own, they would be blocked from downloading other people’s stuff.

Do like @monospaced suggested… go build some stuff of yer own.

Just my 2 cents…

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I just need to know the specific rules, and I have also uploaded many first-class models. I welcome anyone who needs to download them

Share a link to them.

And you did all those with SketchUp “Free Plan 2018” as your profile shows you’re using?

(this is a link, better than a picture :wink: )