Can not download from 3D warehouse. Please Help!

Hey guys. I can not download anything from 3D warehouse, yesterday everything was good, but then at night it started showing problem, it says file wasn’t available on site. Can somebody please help :smiling_face_with_tear:

What bject are you trying to download from the 3D Warehouse? Are you still using SketchUp 2020 as your profile says?

I was trying to download sockets but actually I’ve tried to download any random object as well and it didn’t work. My version is 2021

What kind of sockets?

Please correct your forum profile.

What happens if you try downloading using the 3D Warehouse UI in SketchUp instead of your browser?

Alright will do!It doesn’t work Warehouse just keep loading as I know it’s a new update for warehouse that works only for newer version for old version need to use browser.

The 3D Warehouse supports the last three versions of SketchUp. That includes SketchUp 2021.

Perhaps you have a popup blocker or asblocker running in your browser? Are some firewall setting that needs to allow the 3D Warehouse.

Honestly I have no idea, maybe you are right, let me check! Thank you so much for help!

I had the same problem. Do you fix it?

No I was looking for popup blocker it’s not there as I didn’t find so the problem didn’t get solved…

How many files have you downloaded recently?

I dont know. I bought a basic subscription. Is there any limit for downloads?

I download yesterday a lot. And then 3D Warehouse said that I had almost 75% of the downloads. Then I got my sub thinking it will be unlimited.

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Why so many downloads?

I did some research and found some information that the File wasn’t available …" message comesafter downloading too many files, especially if not signed in with a legitimate subscription.

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Oh really…So is it like we need to wait some time until it will be available again for downloads? Is there any solution?

Why is it you need to download so many objects from the 3D Warehouse? What are you doing with them?

yes same, I downloaded many yesterday from web 3D warehouse, cuz I didn’t want to spend time later looking for furniture and decoration, thinking I can make small library as soon as we can not have straight access to warehouse inside of sketchup…

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You said you’re using SketchUp 2021. There’s not a pressing time limit. Actually, since the file type is the same for SU2021 and going forward, you probably won’t lose access to the Warehouse anyway. Well, you might if you are using a pirated license.

I guess don’t try to scavenge so many components all at once. Or, you could avoid the problem altogether if you just make your own components.

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Oh I see…wow this is really bad! Fully understand. I’m just arch student didn’t want to do anything bad like that. Anyway thank you for explaining. May I know the limit and when can I have access again to download objects again?

Thank you so much for explanation! Really appreciate!