Can not download from 3D warehouse. Please Help!

Yes. It’s bad that there are some people out there who ruin things for the rest of us.

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I don’t really know, I prefer to create my own assets since a lot of the models of the 3D warehouse are unnecessarily heavy, specially plants and living room furniture, in the last 5 years I’ve downloaded less than 10 models.



But why is the problem to donwnload as many as I can? I paid for that. I paid a sub for that. I think if we cant download too many they need to put a notice or they need to said it when you purchase the sub. Thats bad really for the customer.

You don’t need a sub to download from 3d warehouse

You paid for the software, the 3D warehouse is an extra and it’s not required a subscription to download models from it, a lot of other 3D softwares don’t have a library like the one sketchup has or a very limited one like Archicad, there are a lot of people out there that download models from the 3D warehouse and sell them on places like cgtrader or turbo squid, that’s why there’s a limit.

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How many models have you uploaded and how many have you downloaded?

For you to even begin to have this take says alot.

and fyi- I’ve absolutely donated my fair share; just like the hundreds of other people that have.
Not only that, but 90-95% of my downloads are Products. Straight from the manufacturer.

What a question to ask somebody.

well he had to, since you didn’t introduce yourself on arrival to this forum.

Why would someone Ever Have to ask ‘how many items someone else has downloaded vs Donated’? Nobody is required to donate Any models-this is a Paid product.
We Choose to pass it forward.

Second; how on earth would me introducing myself have anything to do with questioning a persons value, or lack thereof, to this software?

3D Warehouse is not a paid product for the end user. Anyone who has a (free) Trimble account can download, like the users of the free web version. Of course, its maintenance is paid from the income created by paying customers, so I pay for it even if I seldom use it.

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Where is the agreement about downloading from 3-D warehouse is that in the original installation agreement what are the limits please?

2. Use of 3D Warehouse

Subject to these Terms of Use, you may use 3D Warehouse to view, search, locate, download, and Distribute Models. Trimble reserves the right to refuse access to 3D Warehouse to anyone at any time in its sole discretion.


I asked “Where is the agreement about downloading from 3-D warehouse is that in the original installation agreement what are the limits please?”
I am in Australia and we have consumer laws here which do not allow such prohibtion for a paid subsription. By the way do you work for Trimble ? or are you a volunteer, and what is your job there , if you are a volunteer please give me your backrgound which allows you to respond to Support requests like mine

This is a PUBLIC forum.

For official support you can go here:
Contact Support | SketchUp Help

And yes I’m a user like you, and my “backrgound which allows me to respond” is written in:
FAQ - SketchUp Community


By the way, who do you work for? What is your real name?

3D Warehouse is not a paid subscription.

This is an user forum. No one is making “requests” here and no one is entitled for an answer.


If you paid to use the warehouse you were scammed.

Scammed by Trimbel do you mean ?

Please don’t play dumb!
Multiple people here have told you that the 3DWarehouse is a free service.
Everyone can use it, you don’t have to be a paying customer of Trimble…