Sketchup is now begining to charge for FREE models that people uploaded!?

here is the thing I don’t understand, I receive this message today on 3dwarehouse:

" Heads up SketchUp Free Users!
The number of models you can download is changing. Starting July 1, 2020, you will be able to download up to 100 models per day, and 1,000 models per month. [To have unlimited access to models on the 3D Warehouse subscribe to SketchUp.]"

we all know what this means, soon the 100 models per day will be reduced to 10 and eventually 1 per day, /… and the question is


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Interesting. Maybe that’s intended to help cover the costs associated with keeping the 3D Warehouse running. Currently part of the cost of the pro and shop licenses go to supporting the 3D Warehouse. I wonder why you feel entitled to have SketchUp and all the content made by others for free. Why should those of use who pay for our licenses support your hobby?

Will this really eat into your modeling? Do you really need 100 models a day or 1000 a month from the 3D Warehouse? I expect this is really designed to prevent wholesale scavenging of models from the 3D Warehouse by unscrupulous people who then offer them for sale.

Maybe this will prompt more users of SketchUp Free to create their own models instead of relying on the work of others. They might actually learn something.


ok, the idea of a free sharing platform is that you make a model and you upload it for people to use it for free, and you download models by other people free.
that was the idea of people who created these models and uploaded them. now there is a HUGE Google corporate in between to make money out of this interaction?
ALSO as I said, this 100 per day will soon change to 1, as it always has.
now the question is if a corporate present itself as a free platform for people share their stuff freely, can this corporate all of a sudden change itself and start charging people for these FREE MODELS that people uploaded.

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Google hasn’t been in the picture for a while now. You can read the history of SketchUp in Wikipedia:

An excerpt:

Trimble Navigation (now Trimble Inc.) acquired SketchUp from Google on June 1, 2012 for an undisclosed sum.


Where did you see this information?

I don’t care how many models I can download now, and how many I can in future (although I bet Sketchup will reduce the number from 100 to 10 and 1 eventually) , my question is why Sketchup should make money out of the 3D models that regular people like me have modeled and uploaded for the purpose of being free. Is that even legal?!


on 3dwarehouse, when you download a model, this message will pop up .

I’m not seeing this on any version of SketchUp that I have, including the free web version which is what you have listed in your profile.

Can you walk through the steps you took to see such a message?


I don’t see it either.

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I don’t see it either?

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so. more to the point.
I upload a model. someone pays to download that model.

how much do I get ?

cos if the answer is “nothing” then my answer will break the TOS under “obscenities”


here is the screenshot, so when you are using sketchup free and you download a model from 3dwarehouse this message pops up!

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"SketchUp Free User!!! " as if they hired people and paid them to model these 3Ds for them!!


The reason for this change is to slow down the aggregators who are downloading huge numbers of models from the warehouse for free and then selling them on their own sites. I guess that sort of thing is fine with certain people. Maybe you don’t have any problem with people selling your files through other sites and not paying you. That’s one reason why I don’t make any of my models in the 3D Warehouse public.

The statements made by @aterani that soon they will be charging for every download are unfounded and made without proof. I’d be interested to know how he needs to download more than 100 components per day, especially since he’s only using SketchUp as a hobby.


yeah apart from the part where I upload them for free, for free usage.

then someone is then asked to pay for them for whatever reason.

that’s the issue I have.

now I’m talking about the warehouse here. not some hypothetical other site that may or may not exist. I don’t have a site to yell at them for that.


So what you are saying is that you are OK with someone else downloading your models for free from the 3D Warehouse and then offering them for sale on their own website and not paying you. Maybe I should start selling your models since that meets with your approval.

The fact is, they aren’t hypothetical sites. They do exist.

Do you think they’d care if you yell at them? They are violating the terms of usage for the 3D Warehouse already and don’t care.

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you know what other sites do Dave, that want to limit downloads?

they limit per IP

they don’t charge, Dave, they limit. they don’t seek a profit…

as to

" So what you are saying is that you are OK with someone else downloading your models for free from the 3D Warehouse and then offering them for sale on their own website and not paying you. Maybe I should start selling your models since that meets with your approval."

of course not. but how am I going to stop them by having Trimble charge them?

I stop them by issuing DCMA’s and the tools that exist.

you think they care about the terms of usage here btw? … … I thought you were smarter than that.


What made you think that I think that? You are clearly reading into what I’ve written. I don’t have time for that.

You are still uploading them for free, for free usage.

The “someone” is only asked to wait a day, at most, and only if they have already met their 100/day or 1,000/month quotas. They aren’t asked to pay for any model at all, only that they don’t download ridiculous amounts at a time.

I really don’t see the issue considering all models are free, will remain free, and aren’t limited in any unreasonable manner I can ascertain.


More to the point, nobody pays to download that model.

Subscribers pay for the Pro software package and more, and a perk will be unlimited downloads. If someone wants to download a model, they are free to do so at no charge. This makes sense for hobbyist use.

Honest question. How likely is it you’ll ever reach the quotas?