Someone is STEALING and SELLING our models!

Hi guys, I’m new on the SketchUp forum, but I am an user since 2008.

I’m opening a topic to ask help from you.

Yesterday I noticed a website selling 3d models at a very cheap price, and I checked it.

I discovered that many, not all, but really a lot of the models they’re selling, are models downloaded from SketchUp for free, then converted in a bunch of formats and sold.

Models can be easily recognized as they don’t even mind changing colors, and the screenshots are even similar to the ones in the Warehouse.

so pay attention, this is the link of the website:

check if your model has been “stolen”, and please, help me report this website and hopefully make him close.

I need your help guys, it’s for the sake of a healthier, more collaborative and open source community.

if you want, you can reach me in private

this is the link to the form if you want to report your website directly to Google:

These websites are ten a penny, unfortunately these is not much you can do, trying to take them down is like playing virtual whack a mole.

If you are happy to give anything away for free on the 3D warehouse you just have to take it with a pinch or salt that if it’s a half decent object somebody is probably going to try and sell it.

Your best bet is probably to contact Trimble customer service to report them rather than Google. As a user, once you upload a model to the 3D warehouse, you no longer own or have any rights to it, it belong to Trimble. So technically only Trimble can request any sort of DCMA or cease and desist as the rights holders.

I found someone who used my olive tree in a house design on Fiverr. I just take is as a compliment that they chose my component. After all, I uploaded it for free.

I think it’s a bit different to just sell someones work without editing it at all. I imagine that’s probably against some law or one of SketchUp’s terms of use clauses.

Yes, the point I was trying to make was that somebody is selling ‘Trimbles’ Olive Tree house on Fiverr not yours so I don’t think you could request a takedown as it no longer legally belongs to you as far as I know.

Technically, components can be credited to their creators, but I’m not sure about the legalities. In the model info tab, it even gives credits to everyone’s components in the model. I’ve heard that some models in the 3D Warehouse are even copyrighted, so people can’t use them for professional work without permission.

Pretty sure I chatted with somebody at SketchUp about this and it wasn’t the case. If you read the TOS of the warehouse I couldn’t see any reference to not using content commercialy.

I’m an architect. Can I sell my designs which include models from 3D Warehouse?
Answer: Yes, so long as the models you downloaded from 3D Warehouse are not transferred or sold as stand-alone items.

If I upload a model to 3D Warehouse, will I be paid each time a user downloads it or uses it?
Answer: No, you are granting a royalty-free license to each user and may not charge a fee to download a model at this time.

If I upload a model to 3D Warehouse, am I giving away my intellectual property rights in the model I created?
Answer: No, you retain all intellectual property rights you have in the model(s) you create and upload to 3D Warehouse, but you are granting users a right to use your models in a variety of contexts under the terms of the license in the Terms of Use.

Ahh close enough, either way everything in there is fair game to use commercially, just not for re-sell.

Hi Guys, Forum is new to me too, but just noticed armellino.raffaelle comments about MC model copy
stealing and selling them. I too have had some of my models copied and selling on this site,contacted Trimble they said theres nothing they can Ive decided to take the rest of my models off 3d warehouse. Aint wasting my time making free models for someone else to make money from me...Im taking up playing the piano instead!!!

It’s too bad that someone ruined your experience with the 3D Warehouse. If you want to play the piano, then play the piano… But people might upload your piano music to Youtube. Unfortunately, nothing’s perfect, but if you follow your dreams, whether that be piano or 3D, then I think you will do great. My advice is to just ignore the trolls and keep your head up. In the end, solving the problem is what makes the difference. Getting upset just ruins your mood and doesn’t solve anything by itself.

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Cheers Forestr …thanks for that…your right…


You could also take it as a compliment! If they’re stealing ideas from you, you must be doing something right!

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After you upload a model to 3D Warehouse you retain the rights to your model. You are simply granting a license to the model as described in the Terms of Use Terms of Use | 3D Warehouse and the General Model License Terms of Use | 3D Warehouse.

If your content is being used on a site you didn’t upload it to, you may request the owner of that site to remove it using a DMCA takedown request. You have to do that, Trimble cannot do that for you.

While I can’t comment here on any specific situation we do take violations of the Terms of Use and General Model License seriously, and initiate legal action including Cease and Desist demands when appropriate.


Aha I see.

Hi MikeWayzovski, Yeah, never really thought about it that way …thanks

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I see by your profile that you are a SketchUp Team Member. I suggest you set that as your “Title” so that it’s readily apparent with every post you make. In this case of this post, your use of “we” caused me to wonder if you are authorized to speak on behalf of the SketchUp team. Setting the title would eliminate that uncertainty.

Sorry about that. Change is made. Thanks for pointing it out Steven.

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