3d warehouse "re-uploading"

Hi all -
Hopefully I am in the correct space to be posting this issue. recently I was online and noticed that several of my items on the 3d warehouse had been duplicated and are now for sale in excess of $99. Obviously, sketchup is a free service, as is the 3d warehouse - But these users have taken all credit for the models and are now selling them for a profit.

What would be recommended?
Don’t know if this is even worth looking into but I found it odd.

Cheers and happy holidays. :slight_smile:


Can you provided the links to your models and the links to the ones being sold?
If it is as you describe, it is probably a direct violation of our terms.


Certainly. However I should clarify that the account I am using on these forums is my professional account and is separate from the account I use to upload on the warehouse. Combined, the Turbosquid items are over $100.

Here is one of the less expensive ones, but it is a verbatim duplicate. It is on CG Trader:

Here is my model:

This is a turbosquid model for sale for $99 based directly on a model I uploaded in 2013. The colors and textures were changed - but that is all:

I cannot find the 3d warehouse file for this - I think it was outdated and had to be re-uploaded, so I’ll dig around for the file. This is some of what I’ve found.

Yikes, sorry to hear!
Following the links to both CGTrader and TurboSquid, I see on both sites that the details pages for both models include links to report the models. On TurboSquid, the Report link is on the right side of the page mixed in with the Social Share icons. On CGTrader, the link is also on the right side of the page, below all the model stats.
Per CGTrader’s Content Policy (​CGTrader Content Policy | CGTrader), you are really the only person, as the copyright holder, who can report copyright infringement and ask that the respective services take down the models that you believe to be infringing on your copyright.
TurboSquid’s abuse report’s form includes an option for Infringement. Similarly, you, as the copyright holder, would be the best person to fill out that form for the specific models that were misappropriated.
Hope that helps. Please follow up to let us know if the sites take appropriate action.