Model Stolen - what can i do?

Hello, I have a question, one person in the sketchup gallery steals models of other users, converts them into a graphical program and throws them as their own. Can you do something about it? I wrote to the author about the removal of my model, but it did not work. What can I do about it? Maybe your models are also there?
This person promotes a rendering program but has not asked me to use my model for such purposes.

Model stolen:

My model original:

It doesn’t look to me as if he has stolen your model. He writes in the description, “Many models are made by great designers and I edit them in order to fit my needs.” Since you’re making your models freely available in the 3D Warehouse, there’s nothing to prevent other users from modifying them and re-uploading them.

From looking at your model, I expect he repaired all your reversed faces and perhaps made it more efficient by using components and groups.


and your credit is still in the model info…

he seems to just fix them to work with many renderers and doesn’t seem to be promoting one…


Can not do anything about this fact? It’s strange, now I can take your models, lightly modify and drop as a model just because I changed something …
Is there any contact to Sketchup or something like that?

As John said, all he’s doing is fixing your models. He’s not taking credit for them. If you fixed them yourself, he wouldn’t have anything to do.

If you’re worried about others getting your models from the 3D Warehouse, don’t upload them there.

I think this was one of the principles of the warehouse, If you do not like that idea , you could set the model to private.
As @DaveR said, by uploading the model you agreed with the terms so contacting SketchUp wouldn’t get you any further, I think.

Did you consider to contact the person? It might be that he did not do this intentionally, it could also be that he is searching for modellers like you and the two of you can make a perfect combination!

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