Need Help with Sketchup 3D House model that has moved on Google Earth - willing to pay

Dear Sirs

My 3D house image has been online for a number of years now - recently it appears that new satellite photographs of our Island (Cayman Islands) were taken and now my house appears in the wrong spot - it has moved 10 or 20 feet away from where it was. I am not an expert on SketchUp at all and would be happy to pay someone to assist me.

I would really appreciate some help just to move it back onto the position on the land where it was first positioned. My email address is

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Chris Lopez

There is no process anymore for users to submit SketchUp models to be added/replaced/updated in Google Earth. Google decided to close this process since they are not anymore aiming for user-contributed data in that domain.

There is nothing that can be done. (Unrelated, but you can however add your house in 2d to OpenStreetMap, which is open to user contributions for all eternity.)

Thanks for your prompt reply.
This is most unfortunate as my house was accepted by them after being placed in the Google 3D warehouse… So now I guess I have no choice but to find a way to remove the whole model from Google… most disappointing…

Yup. We don’t control that - Google does. If it’s something you rent out, you could offer the SketchUp-exported KMZ on a web site and people could download and (hopefully) auto-open in Google Earth for the corrected location, but then by turning on 3d buildings in earth it would probably conflict with what’s currently there because it’s only 10-20 feet off.

Thanks for your assistance. Appreciated.

Oops, knew I was wrong as soon as I typed it: on my Google Earth, 3D Buildings were turned off. I exported my house, opened in Earth, and it worked.

BUT, there’s an even better solution: let me test it out and come up with a simple demo.

Thanks bary - remember I am not a Sketchup expert at all so if possible I will have to ask for your help and I am happy to pay for your help if we can fix this.

So the easiest solution for now is to have a geo-located model in SketchUp (File->Geo-Location->Add Location), then File->Export->3D Model and save a Google Earth KMZ. Share that file with someone - email it, Dropbox, Google Drive, put it on a web page, whatever… they can download, and Google Earth will open and show them where it is.

While will take KML’s at the end of a url and show them, they wont do KML’s with 3D buildings in them :frowning:

Thanks very much bary.

Bary, is this the result of a datum shift? Google Earth uses WGS84 ? and the Cayman Islands maybe some thing different (CIGD11?)and if processing does not account erroneous results would be obtained?

Deep in the bowels of Google someone knows how they processed this and what caused the shift. Again, you’d have to ask them. We don’t work for Google anymore. I’d say our emphasis at Trimble is to do professional-grade stuff at levels of greater detail. We’ll continue to work on nicer solutions for this, so keep the troubles, requests, and feedback coming.

As you know Google buys data from the sat guys and the gov. controls the impulse response of the sensor, but I do not know what that is any more. Many of the sats used either Landsat or TDRSS for range and doppler to get orbital data. With other govs now involved that probably has also changed along with its accuracy.

Google Earth has a image time slider option that you can look at imagery over the years. I would like to check. Can/ will you post the geolocation of your model or e mail to my account??

Mac7595 would it help if I sent you the house kmz model file?

mac7595 see attached my KMZ file. Let me know if this helps.West Bay Cayman Island.kmz (707 Bytes)

You know that file is just a lat/long pin. No 3D model. You could just share the link:

Sorry bary I’m confused… I don’t understand what you mean…

There is no house model in that file. Only a location. Unzip the KMZ, and look at the kml inside the file. Did you create this KMZ, or did someone do it for you? Did it hae a 3d model in it… ever? Your subject says “SketchUp 3D House model”, but there is no house model in that file. The house is there in Google Earth, and yes, it seems it’s moved into the bay. But it’s not in the KMZ you provided.

Sorry guys I understand now… yes someone recently sent this to me I didn’t realize they only put a place marker in that file… I have downloaded the original ones from 3D warehouse - I am uploading them - KMZ and SKP file here - please feel free to look at them and tell me if these are helpful.
West Bay Cayman Island.kmz (2.7 MB)
CrystalInSketchup8.skp (2.9 MB)

Also here is a jpg that shows where it is supposed to be…

You can shift the model in SketchUp to the correct location:

Click File → Geo-Reference → Clear location.
Then File → Geo-Reference → Add Location and navigate to the Cayman Islands, zoom in until you see the building in full detail and import the satellite image. Select the house model and move it to match the house on the satellite image.

Then – as Bary said – you can export the model as *.kmz and share it with others by email/website etc.