Need Help with Sketchup 3D House model that has moved on Google Earth - willing to pay

Thanks Aerilius I will give that a try… I still think it’s such a shame that Google won’t just fix it on Google Earth…

Thanks to all of you for your help and guidance.

Thanks for the info. If you use the image time slider the following image dates show ok: 9/21/2004( one part of skirt shows in water);11/22/2005;2/10/2007;3/24/2008 good and 2/15/2009;3/23/2013 and 3/10/2014 show bad.
Have you posted issue in the google earth forum < think you should ??
So question what is correct and if you follow above suggestions what is to prevent another change.

Thanks mac7595 - I sure appreciate all your help and suggestions. I will post this over on the Google Earth forum when I get a chance.

Thanks again.