SketchUp 2011 - missing models


I’ve made a model in 2011, published it to Google Earth and updated 4 years ago. It’s also available in my 3dwarehouse.sketchup account. I can also see it published in the Google Earth app - with a lot of 404 links (expired redirects).

I decided to refresh it and repair the links. And here is the problem - after login to SketchUp with Trimble Connect I have a SketchUp empty directory (on web and desktop app). The second think is - and I’m not sure about it - the model is not visible on the Google Earth www page (not app) and not visible on google maps (not sure if it was there at all). It’s still on Google Earth (fresh install, fresh machine - so it’s definitly online, not a local model)

Can someone please advice what are the steps to get to the model as owner an re-publish it? Can’t find any advice about “missing models” on the web…


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