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I have made a model that I want to import into a google maps satellite picture. I have geo located my model earlier, but there was only a base map without satellite picture and the model was not visible on the base map either… Tried again today after watching a YouTube film- with no luck…

I am running Sketchup Make 2017


Might be that the model is positioned too low so it’s underground.

Check to see what the elevation is in Google Earth.

Also try drawing something that is very tall in your model that will hopefull stick up far enough to be seen.

Are you trying to open it in the downloaded Google Earth or Google Earth in your browser? The latter apparently doesn’t display SketchUp models.

The thing is that when I now try to geo-locate my model I am asked to sign in. The first time I tried I was able to geo-locate without license (although without satellite picture)

Isn’t Sketchup Make 2017 free and without license?


The map doesn’t include elevation detail.

In Google Earth Pro.
Screenshot - 3_7_2022 , 1_11_58 PM

SketchUp 2017 Make is free for hobbyist use which I presume is the way you are using it. You do have to be signed in with your Trimble account to access the map. You can only get the map image with SketchUp 2017 Make. Terrain and imagery are available to sketchUp Pro users only.

Yes, I am only a hobbyist…

I hoped to be able to view my model in google earth, but since I do not have a Trimble account I guess that is not possible.

Thank you DaveR :wink:

Viewing your model in Google Earth does not require a Trimble Account. Accessing web based content in SketchUp does require a Trimble account. There’s no charge for that. You just have to set it up.

If you don’t have it, get Google Earth Pro (there’s no charge for that either) and open your KMZ file in it.

Maybe my model is too big, but I suddenly saw my model in google earth. YES!

The model is not placed where it should. Is there a simple way to move it?

Move it in SketchUp and re-export the KMZ file. You should be able to measure how far it needs to move in Google Earth and then move it in SketchUp that far.

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Dave, are you based out of MN? Love Red Wing.

Hi Joshua. Yes. I’m in Minnesota. Not in Redwing but I like that city, too.