Exporting model to Google Earth

I’m using S/U 8 on a 10.6 Mac. When I go to grab a Google Earth image, I get no option for bringing it into my S/U file. How come?

I am assuming from your post you want to import not export?? You cannot add model to 3d layer ref Redirecting to Google Groups
It should be brought in automatically once you geo locate when you have Su open, and select the area. then select grab. I get the impression you are not doing the required steps . Can you specify the steps you are doing. For example are you seeing the Google Earth Image in the Su window?
Additional info http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/95110 and http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/167483. You can still preview the model in Google Earth and upload to 3 d warehouse.

I open S/U and I have a map open with the button to grab. But when I grab nothing happens. I am assuming that the earth image is supposed to all of a sudden appear in my S/U image.

Is there any way you can get newer HW or SW? 10.6 (Snow Leopard) is 5+ years old and Apple OS’s are now free. We also no longer support SketchUp 8. If you could even ask someone with a newer computer to download that geo-location, you could use it to model on.

In addition, Google doesn’t support the Maps API that shipped with that version, and Google also does not support the Safari version that’s on your computer. On a lighter note, I can still run NeXTSTEP / OPENSTEP 4.2 in VirtualBox… but I don’t expect to be able to use many web sites from it.


I’m not mac user so over to Barry
Just some other thoughts :frowning:
Shot in the dark=> have you checked layers and make sure the visibility is selected?
Just to double check=> you have geo-located the model?
Yes the image should appear and in fact two of them.
You may have the option to preview in Google Earth if you have a located Su model to see how it looks.
What is your ultimate goal, upload model to 3d ware house or ???

Are you saying students won’t be able to put their models in Google Earth?

They will be able to - perhaps not automatically, but you can always File->Export->3D Model to a .kmz file, then launch Google Earth and do File->Open

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Is mac7595 off then, so none of his suggestions would work anyway?

1 I gave you 2 links above you should read if not done so to help you understand what is going one so you can plan accordingly;
2. I still have SU8 installed and just geo located a model and was able to grab terrain as expected. You can also preview model in Google earth from there. Note I have PC;
3. Your hardware configuration and support is an issue that Barry gave you info on above. I have not used MAC for years and cannot help there. The SU help site still shows SU 8 MR 5 as available but think it will go away some time 2015 ( Install files May 2015) ref Downloading older versions | SketchUp Help
4. When ask question about students putting model “in Google Earth” has already be answered by the link provided. Do you know what you mean by that? I do not. Actually in the 3d building layer is no as in above link, pre view in google earth yes. upload to 3 d warehouse yes, Model in Su with terrain yes as 2 shows.