Geolocation images are fuzzy

Probably an old complaint: Geolocated images in SU are too fuzzy to be usable, at least within 20sf or so. I was trying to capture a Ukrainian field but it really doesn’t matter where. FWIW, Placemaker is little better from Digital Globe images, which is not SU’s fault, obviously.
Are there any plans to update this library?
I would up downloading a generic meadow from the 3D Warehouse.

It’ll help if you post the location and a screenshot of what the field looks like in SketchUp. There is now higher resolution Bing Imagery but that may not be available in all locations.

Here it is…
It doesn’t look like anything. Here’s the generic meadow instead:

What is your setting for ‘Open GL’ under preferences. Are you using ‘Maximum Texture size’?
Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 4.30.20 PM

I just set it on but didn’t see any difference. Do I need to reload the terrain?

It currently uses bing for the satellite imagery - make sure you choose the highest resolution.
But if bing don’t have very high resolution imagery for the area that you want , then it will still be blurry

Oh, since I still have the last Desktop version, I don’t have access to Bing images, just Digital Globe. Guess I’m stuck with it then. It’s odd the preview comes out clearer than the final import:

HI @NewThinking2,

You should find, even with Digital Globe that the imported imagery is the same as the preview.
Here’s an import I did with DG and the import preview for the same area:

If you have differing results please post the location and screenshot so we can take a look, thanks!

I’m curious why you don’t have access to Bing though as your profile says SketchUp Pro subscription?

It’s just a field. Originally, it was in Ukraine because I am doing an anti-mine device, but when that looked so bad I switched to a field in New Jersey, but same difference:

As you can see, the preview is better focused than the final result.

I only have the classic version. I started to see if that could be upgraded but stopped when I saw it would go to a subscription model, so maybe that’s why it seems like I upgraded. I’m using Version 21.1.331.


From your screenshot you have zoomed in quite close to the field in SketchUp itself compared to the closest zoom possible in Add Location.
The resolution of the two is the same in pixels per m, it’s just that the zoom level is restricted in the preview window, so it looks sharper!
If you go to something like bing maps where they let you zoom in closer you can see how fuzzy the data really is, for example:

There’s no way to get more detail of a particular area than that without paying for high-res aerial survey images.

But if all you want is a generic field, and not a particular location, then your approach of using 3D warehouse is better, or you could find a freely available drone shot of a field on-line and import that into SketchUp!