Trimble. Feedback on Geolocate/Digital Globe imagery


Bluntly… IT STINKS! The quality of the imagery is so poor that I can’t even work sometimes. I’m used to tracing very clear building and site elements off the Google Earth imagery. This stuff is so fuzzy that I can’t even use it for working. And, there’s no way I can put this into a graphic presentation for a client; It looks like something from 1991.

I’m a long-time user and I love Sketchup…99% positive feedback. But this downgrade you gave us is a HUGE smack in the face. You should have come up with something far better for Pro users given five years to make the switch. Primary rule in marketing and sales. Never make your customers downgrade without offering them something better.


I believe you may have missed a thread already created on this topic.


Ditto that!!!


No- I didn’t miss it.

That was Trimble telling me that the change is coming. Now that the change is here, I’m telling you in real time that it sucks. I sincerely hope you guys are researching some better options for us because this is dismal. Nowhere near professional quality, and my work is now seriously compromised. Good to know when you are doing great, but also I hope useful to know when you just struck out. I am a customer telling you that you struck out. Up your game.


You could try placemaker. It has excellent professional quality in the places I’ve tried, better than google sometimes. It’s not free, but if you need it that much I’d say it’s a very fair priced alternative with a couple of added bonus.

It doesn’t generate 3d terrain but I think Trimble is working on fixing that.

You could also wait for Trimble to solve the issue if they can.


I second that emotion!!!


Yes, it’s on my list. IT is setting it up for me soon. Thanks.


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