Geo Location is massive bait and switch for subscription

The Digital Globe data is absolute ■■■■. The resolution is 1980’s level and no 3D data whatsoever - except in just a few major cities (that are flat anyway). But when you look at the splash screen to consider upgrading to Pro, you get this stupid dog-and-pony show about how incredible the resolution is and how detailed the 3D terrain feature is. What they don’t tell you is that it 99.99% likely won’t apply to the area you’re trying to use it for. I tracked down and contacted the terrain data provider in Utah and they have like 3 people, and one little drone they’re using for this with no plans to include any more anytime soon. This data is out there - we know it because it used to be included when Google Earth was providing it. Seriously, Trimble, what will it take to get back to this level? The subscription price sure didn’t go down, but you’ve gutted the functionality of it. I know people moan and groan about this but maybe eventually if you hear it enough, something will be done about it?