Geolocation , stuck

i managed to geolocate my model but want to change it. sketchup will not allow this and seems to have ‘cached’ my location, refusing to re-select an aera.

in other words i managed to get the gearth location selected and imported into my drawing, decided it is wrong, unlocked it and deleted it.

now i want to re-select but it only shows the gearth image without giving me an opportunity to reselect an area in order to relocate my model.

i attach a screenshot of what i get when i try to select a geolocation.

i have checked under file>geolocation , it says ‘add location’, select location is greyed out. manually setting the lat/long also doesn’t work.

i have restarted the program, rebooted and choose a different copy of the initial model in order to try geolocation - to no avail. i also have the latest updates v 15.3.330 32bit and i run win10. my browser is ff.

any help will be appreciated.
in Christ
south africa

Try dragging the right side of the Add Location window out to the right to make the window larger. I’d bet the Select Region button will magically appear.

indeed it did!
thanks a lot dave

in Christ

We had a fix for this, so it’d always appear, but it broke other things. We probably need a better minimum window size from the SketchUp team.