Geo-Location Sketchup Pro 2023 - Not working

Hi there,

I am experiencing some issues with my Geo-location?

My Sketchup works perfectly when modelling etc. but as soon as I want to add a location my Sketchup completely freezes?

This happened when I was required to do an Update. It was working perfectly yesterday?

I have Uninstalled and re-installed Sketchup. I have Logged out and cleared my Browser data as well.

Does anyone have other solutions?

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@monique.labuschagne there is no reason we are aware of that this should be happening. Could you please submit a support ticket, maybe with a screen grab video of what’s going on, version, environment etc. Thank you.

Have you disconnected an external monitor? One possibility is that the Add Location window is opening somewhere off-screen.


I have disconnected my external monitor as well yes? I still have the same issue unfortunately.

Disconnecting a monitor would not help, but reconnecting a missing one might.
This is what you could try unless the SketchUp support has a better suggestion:

  • Start the geolocation
  • type Alt+Space
  • type m (or, if your Windows is not in English, the letter Windows uses as the shortcut for Move)
  • Type one of the Arrow keys
  • Move your mouse around. You should see the window appear. Place it where it is visible and click.

Good day Anssi

This seems to have worked, Thank you so much for your assistance. :blush:

It is highly appreciated!!!

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