Load component changes zoom of model and put component at strange origin

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I’m loading some components into my model. It’s a fairly large model but there’s nothing complicated about it (it does have a lot of leader text).
When I load some components from my library, some of them are causing the SketchUp model window to zoom out to its farthest extents. This causes a long loading time and then I need to zoom-scroll back to where I was (can take a while, too, because the text seems to have a strange effect on the model scale).
The component is placed at 0,0,0 origin I think, instead of letting me place it.

Some of these components are ones I created myself with nothing too unique about them (as far as I know?). I uploaded one as an example.

Pavement Arrow Marking (Victoria_ Australia).skp (14.1 KB)

Is there a workaround for this?

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The component you uploaded has been geo-located. Since it is, it’ll go into a another model that has been geo-located in the appropriate location. It doesn’t make sense to me to have component like these parking lot arrows geo-located in the first place.

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Thanks - this is interesting - my default template is geolocated (becuase I use shadows a lot); does this mean all components I create will also be geolocated and cause these sorts of issues?

Yep. If you’re going to be making components like that, you probably ought to have another template to use for them.

Yikes, then that applies to virtually all my recent componets (1000s of them)…and a lot that come from the 3d warehouse.

The effect of importing this particular component is that my SU model has become unresponsive for about 25 mins (so far) and I’ll need to force quit (losing some work in the process).
Does this qualify as a SU Bug? I assume it could be fixed by the development team quite easily. I imagine being given a message: “the geolocation of this component does not match your model’s location; do you wish to import without geolocation?”

In the mean time I’ll have a look for an extension that can remove geolocation data from existing components.


I don’t know that I’d call it a bug at least with the software.

You don’t need an extension to remove the geo-location. Just go to Model Info>Location and Clear the location.