Difficulty Placing Components in Sketchup

I have created a number of my own components. Some of which I can drag into my model to place where I want them, some of which just drop straight in on the component axis point. I’ve never noticed this before in previous versions, just this latest 2023 (probably just coincidence). I want to be able to drag and place each one. Is there something I should be doing in the creation of a component or a setting I’m missing?

Thanks everso

Ones that land at the origin are usually Geolocated.

Thanks Box. How can I get rid of that?

You should open the Component file itself and remove the geolocation via Model Info.
It would help if you attached one of your problematic components.

Thanks Box - as you were typing that out I worked it out…god I love sketchup - learning new things every day !! Thanks for your help