Inserting a component


I have a few components that snap to 0 when inserted. I would like to change it so that they don’t snap to anything when inserted that way I can position them where I want them faster. I have cleared the geo-location but that didn’t help, does anyone know the trick to correct this?


How are you inserting them? How are you removing geolocation and what are you doing with the component after doing that?

What version of SketchUp and what OS? Please complete your profile.


I insert them from the components dialog

I am using 2015 and 2016

Windows 10

File, Geo location, clear location


when you are clearing the geolocation, are you doing it for the specific component or the model in general? And if you do it for the component, are you then saving the component back to your library to replace the one with geolocation set?


Sounds like it may be a Dynamic Component, whose location is hardwired. You can get rid of the DC constraints by exploding the component and immediately recomponentizing it.




I opened the component in question, clearing the geo-location, and re-save it.


Could you share an sample component?


Interior Single BI-FLD door_Dynamic.skp (63.5 KB)


Gully got it one. It is a Dynamic component. Do what he said. Or edit the attributes of the component.


Found out why it wasn’t working. I am working from dropbox and there was a saving issue that I figured out. All I need to do was remove the geo-location and if fixed the problem.

Thanks for the help Dave and Gully.