Snaps to the wrong point part II


Hi everyone!

Saw the post “Snaps to the wrong point” but I couldn’t get any help there.

I’m importing a DWG of a store to sketchup. The problem is that when I make Rectangles It snaps to the wrong position. (see picture)

I’ve tried to change Model Info (Enable/ Disable length snapping,
When I import I’ve checked the boxes “Merge coplanar faces” and “Orient faces consistenly” (also "Preserve drawing origin)

What am I doing wrong? Thank you so much for any help!


Try not preserving the origin. Often that is what causes problems by placing the geometry a huge distance from the origin of the sketchup model.


As in the other topic, you will get a better answer if you can post your model. That way we don’t have to just guess based on an image!


1 Not posting your model