My first project, New into SketchUp make!

So hello guys! I have been now learn the basic stuff on Sketchup and have been really enjoyed it. Up to the point where I made a mistake and don’t know how to remove it. I don’t even know how to search so I hope this is the best solution for me.

How do I remove this grey thing with the X blue and so on?

Thank you for everything too!

Window>Model Info>Components. Untick “Show component axes” and it should go away.

It is already unticked.

Could you share the SKP file?

Yes, Nydala.skp (411.7 KB)

I’m not seeing the axes for the 3D Text being displayed when I open the SKP file.

The axes and that gray face show when the text component is open for editing.

Oh thats strange, I will try to restart the program in that case!

Oh well! Its gone now. but I found a another issue. Do you mind look over it?

I have removed a piece of the wall and I don’t really know how to fix again. What could I do to get it back?

Yes. Maybe that will help.

One thing you might want to do is think about how you need to use the model. It might be a good idea to group or make components of parts of the model.

Wait to apply materials/colors until after you’ve got the model complete and make sure you keep fave orientation correct. Your model shows reversed (blue) faces.

You are missing some needed edges to keep the face.

Although the model could be fixed, there’s enough wrong with it that I think you’d be wise to redraw it.

Oh, do you mean that I should re-draw the whole thing from the beginning again?

I didnt really quite understand what you meant by “Your model shows reversed (blue) faces.”

so you show in the second pic I was wondering about it just before you posted it and I dont really have a solution for it at this point and need some help about it :frowning:

Yes. I would start over from the beginning. It would be easier to draw it correctly than to repair everything that needs fixing.

The blue faces you can see in my screen shots are the back sides. White is the front side. If you orbit around to look at the outside of the wall missing the inner face, you’ll see it is blue.

I’d be happy to help you out with a bit of a demo and lesson but I won’t be available until later.

Oh I would really appreciate that! Do you want me to add you somewhere such as Facebook, Skype, Discord or where ever you want?

I’ll send you a private message in a little while.

Okey! I really appreciate it! Thank you!:slight_smile:

The image in the original post is how it looks during the creation of a component on another face and you have chosen to set the position of the axes, before you hit the create button.

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Ohhh, thats explains everything! Thank you!