Component off axis

How to take a component that’s been rotated on all 3 axis and return it to the “Start” axis?

You can rotate in the three planes using the arrow keys to lock orientation.
Open the component browser, select the component from the in model list and re-insert it.

Great response. But alas, I think Auto Save or something saved my component in its off axis position. Unless I did something else wrong. I can start over, it’s not that big a deal. Thanks for the quick reply! :grinning:

If a re-inserted component comes in with an odd axis relative to the blue bounding box then you must have rotated the geometry within the component. Double click the component and to open it and select all the geometry then rotate it square again.


Right click on the component and change axis. Then click three times to set the axis square with the geometry, use a corner. Then all new versions will insert aligned with the global axis again.

Will do. Thanks again.

If the component was rotated off axis after it was made, just drag a new instance of it into the model space from the Components panel. It will come in aligned with the axes. Then deleted the angled one.

That was suggested and the OP tried but the inserted version was still tilted. Sounds like a component axis not aligned to the contained geometry.

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