Rotate bounding box

Hi, I have a model, that is aprox. 45* rotated from the bounding box, which causes a problem when I resize. Is there any way I can either , rotate the bounding box ( it is one big group, btw) or rotate the model, or is this a “rotating the axis” problem, thank you

Is this a component or a group that has the bounding box? If it is a component, you can change the axes to align with the geometry. Right click on the component and choose Change Axes. Set the location of the origin, drag out the red and then the green axes. Blue takes care of itself.

If it’s a group, you can open the group for editing and rotate the geometry within so it aligns. Or you can move the axes within the group. Frankly, I think it’s easier to work with a component, though.

Hi David, and thank you. It is a group, and I will try your suggestion now, thanks for your time, Craig

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