Reorienting the bounding box around a group

When I create a group within my model, the box around the group is oriented improperly. For example, if I group a square object, the bounding box is a diamond. The bounding box is oriented to the axes and not to the shape of the object. Is there any way that I can force the bounding boxes to be oriented with the primary orientation of the model instead of with the orientation of the axes?

The bounding box will be oriented aligned with the model axes. You could turn the model axes for each off axis group before you make it a group, you could draw the geometry so the bounding bx fits tightly around it when you make the group or you could rotate the geometry while editing the group. Or, you could make a component and either set the component’s axis orientation correctly during the process or you can reorient the component’s axes after creation. My preference would be to make a component instead of a a group and set the axes myself.

Thank you. My model used to be oriented “properly” until I changed its orientation to be correctly oriented with its geolocation and building pad. My model is a fairly detailed house model with a hundred or more groups and components.

The problem is that when I go back to edit some aspect of the main model, the new group is improperly oriented with the model.

Do the bounding boxes of groups within a group orient with the axes or with the group within which they are nested?

If you make a group while in a group context, the axes will be aligned with that parent groups axes.

Thanks. That should help a lot. If I reorient a group will the nested groups automatically reorient as well?

You should not rotate the whole model to align it with the world. You should set the North Angle. If you have Pro, install the Solar North extension by the SketchUp Team, and turn on it’s toolbar (via View menu.)