Groups and components I make have odd size bounding boxes. Why?

Almost every time I make a group or component, the bounding box is larger and oddly sized than my object.
Why is this? If there are stray bits and pieces, I can’t find them. Sometimes I can see stray bits, not sure how I ended up creating them, and I’m not able to select them to delete them. Is there some way to select this garbage and delete it?

The bounding box will always be made to align to the model axes so if your geometry is drawn off axis, that could explain it. With a component you can change the axes to align to the geometry if you wish.

Try turning on hidden geometry to look for little bits of stuff to delete.

Also, look at the Transparency setting for your selected style. If it is set to Nicer, the blue bounding box will be slightly larger than the geometry. It doesn’t hurt anything but it can be distracting.

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The axes of a group or component are initially aligned to those of the context (model or enclosing group or component) where you create the new group or component. Then the bounding box is displayed aligned with those axes. If the geometry was askew to the context axes, the bounding box won’t tightly enclose the contents. With a component, you can use the context menu item “Change Axes” to realign the axes and then the bounding box will fit. With a group this menu isn’t available, so you have to get the contents to align with the axes and then rotate the group as a whole to the required direction. You can either open the group for edit, rotate the contents, close the group and rotate it as a whole, or else explode the group, rotate the contents to align with the context, recreate the group, and then rotate it as a whole. The easier task with components is one of the reasons I prefer them in general.


At last the right answer… I’ve been searching for so long :grinning: