Bounding Box 2 Big


I imported a kitchen group from the 3D Warehouse and deleted all parts that I don’t need, keeping only what I need for my model, resulting in the bounding box being much larger than needed. Any ideas on how to reset or re config the bounding box? In the outliner, it’s a whole bunch of components.

Any insight would be amazing! TY - Todd

Most likely the author left some hidden entities inside. Turn on Hidden Geometry to see what you might see. Or there could be some tiny line segment out at the lower right corner of the box that needs deleting.

Also make sure that all Tags/Layers, if any, that came in with the component are visible.

At some point you should go to Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused to get rid of the components you don’t need. Also Edit>Delete Guides. That bounding box could be huge simply because there’s a guideline or guide point included in it.


Amazing, TY so much, that’s exactly what it was, when I turned on hidden geo, a tiny little line that was hiding WAY off in the distance.

Thanks Again, that totally helped me.

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Make sure you set the origin of the component to the right spot, also. That will act as the ‘insertion’ point
You can rightclick on the component and choose ‘change axes’

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