Can't find outlier

I’ve eploaded, wireframed, highlighted, unhidden geo, and can’t figure out why the bounding box is so huge. Please help me solve this riddle. Dying to know the answer.
Cat 2.skp (5.0 MB)

What is it you can’t find?

I see some incorrect tag usage in your model.
Screenshot - 8_24_2023 , 4_07_44 PM

And a bunch of reversed faces which need to be fixed.

why is bounding box so large? and why does model disassemble when I scale it down?

Are you talking about the one I show selected?

It’s got a bunch of Dynamic Component attributes assigned to it.

That would explain the weird behavior when you try to scale it. Remove the DC attributes and get rid of the unneeded objects in the component.

As for the large bounding box there’s a tiny little stray edge. I’ve drawn a circle around it in this view.

Did you build this model or get this from somewhere?

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You can find that stray edge without even seeing it. Drag a right to left selection window around the area where the bounding box extends, press Enter to open the object, repeat the right to left selection and Enter until you end up selecting the stray. Check Entity Info as you go. Press Delete when it is selected.

I down loaded it and am trying to repurpose it. Looks like lots of clean up.

What are your plans for the model? It does look like it needs a bunch of cleanup. Kind of clumsily built.

Crazy answer to that question. I plan to modify it, print it, and incorporate a build in hopper and electric rotary spreader, radio controlled receiver / servos, and dual electric props. Finished it will be about 3.5’ x 2’ x 1.5’. And ill used it at my lake to apply granular aquatic weed herbicide. So this model will be the hull and hopper and mounts for everything. But of course I want it to look cool too. If it works well, I may try to commercialize it. Right now, I’m just stripping down this model to the hull and cabin (which is purely decorative). My SketchUp skills aren’t good enough to make this from scratch. Which they were. I’m trying / learning but still new.

Interesting. Maybe consider stripping out all the stuff but the hulls and then add your own superstructure.