How do I remove the useless ''hitbox''?

How do I get rid of those lines? It makes it very hard to scale in blender with those.

There’s probably a stray edge or hidden object/geometry inside your component/group that is making the box so big.


Upload the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got an identify why the bounding box is so large. It’s not “useless”. It’s trying to communicate something to you.

Could be as simple as a stray edge or hidden object. Could be something else.

ö.skp-1.txt (3.4 MB)

idk if its supposed to be a txt file

No. it shouldn’t be a text file. It should be a .skp file.

Well i think the box is from the rear whel which I scaled down from a big group, and the lines just stayed for some reason.

Probably not scaled correctly then.

I dont know how to scale then

From time to time it happens to me as well.
especially with ‘unvetted’ models from the warehouse. I can remember one or two times when I made all tags visible, made hidden geometry and hidden groups visible but still no ‘flying edges’. It only went away when I exploded all nested groups and regrouped again.

I renamed your .txt file to .skp, and it opens fine.

The ‘hit box’ is the bounding box of the component - the extreme values of any of its contents (including its origin - which in this case is some way from the bike itself).

You have stray hidden geometry. If you ‘turn on’ View/Hidden Geometry’ and 'View Hidden Objects you can see it:

Open the component for editing, and delete the hidden stuff.

Then change the style to Monochrome, and you’ll see several reversed faces (blue) in the model, which should be reversed so all outward facing faces show white. R-click/Reverse faces or Orient faces to fix those when you are in the editing context of the group or component containing blue faces.

The model structure and component names as shown in Outliner look slightly odd.

What is a Doorbell Transformer containing hoses in an unnamed Group with nested subgroups and subcomponents doing in a bike?

Is this your own model, or one downloaded from the 3D Warehouse? It could do with some tidying up, and with exploding any unnecessary group and component nesting.

And get into the habit of giving meaningful names to components, generally preferring to use components rather than groups, and if you do use Groups, give each instance a meaningful (instance) name - select the group, and fill in an Instance name for it in Entity Info.

I purged the model, which removed the unused groups and components, some at least of which were assigned Layer1 - when I had purged the model, Layer1 was no longer in use and I could delete it while making no difference to the model itself.


Thank you! This answer helped a LOT. Yeah, this is my first model ever, and I tried to replicate my mini e bike as closely as possible, thats why the doorbell thing was there.(didnt know how to make wires).

If you haven’t already done so, spend some time at the SketchUp Help and Learning centres. and

And the Square One videos on the SketchUp YouTube channel.