Component Bounding Box Too Big

Hello. There is a problem with the 2D component that I’m using. It has a bigger bounding box than it should be. I’ve tried all the things; clearing the inside, deleting guidelines, turning on all the layers, hidden geometry etc. Nothing worked. Please help, thanks.
Corie Colwell – 2D Component.skp (127.2 KB)

Add the file so we can check it.

Just explode it once.

Yeah I can simply explode it as you say, but I don’t want to lose the owner’s credit information. Is there anything else to do.


Omg! :} Thanks a bunch.

Strange that the model Corie made herself, and the one from the SketchUp team, are only her. The difference with this version is that she was put into a bigger outer component. I am curious who the owner was for this version.

I’ve downloaded it from the 2D SketchUp Team library. Never touched. It was like that bigger outer line when you first open it. Actually some of the team members’ components are all like this way. There’s another component inside each one of them, which has a normal outer line as it should be. I don’t want to lose the owner’s authorship by simply destroying the first component box.

I just saw one version of these member models. Don’t know if they have another version, or where they are located.