Imported model has larger bounding box containing 1 group?

Not sure but having imported a car model I noticed that it was a component that when opened had a group within it that contained the car. The component box was far larger than the group box even though when I selected all, entity info showed 1 group in model. There was nothing outside of the group. How was that achieved & for what reason? Can groups be placed within a pre-sized component or was the whole drawing of the car exported as a component containing the one group containing the car? I’ve already exploded the Truck just to have the group & will explode it to create a component if necessary. Though I think not. I only need to copy the group if I want to change the color & avoid making unique components. Any insight into these points would be appreciated. The original component when selected (not opened for editing) only showed the group bounding box, not the larger component box demonstrated when opened for editing?

If the group was skewed to the axis system when it was encased in the component, the component’s on-axis extents would be larger than if the group were itself on-axis, since the diagonals size the bounding box.


Sounds like the component axes origin was away from the model.

Turn on ‘Hidden Geometry’ and also make all layers visible.
Probably the component contains not only that group inside but also some raw (basis) geometry besides the group at some distance, causing the component’s bounding box being (much) bigger than the groups bounding box. So make everything visible first.

p.s. even de-activate section planes if present in the model.

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Thanks guys. I try to select the vacant area of the exaggerated bounding box area to check entity info or just double click the group to select all of it & then check select all to see if there is a difference in the entity info count but there doesn’t seem to be any extra geometry in the model so I guess it’s the miss aligned axis. Isn’t there a way to align axis & check if the model is miss aligned. It looks fine but there’s no explanation for the excess bounding area.

Heinz, you can move the component origin and its axes. Select the component so it shows the blue bounding box. Right click on it and choose Change Axes. Click to set the origin, drag out the red axis and then the green. Blue will take care of itself. After doing that, does the bounding box look correct?

Sharing the component would eliminate most if not all of the back and forth stuff while we guess at the exact problem.

DaveR, it’s the red Mercedes-Benz SL R 123 downloaded from the 3D warehouse. Thanks for looking.

Could you post the exact search terms you used in the 3DW? I find several red Mercedes-Benz models, but nothing quite matching your description (BTW I don’t know enough to tell MB models apart by sight!).

This one?

If this is correct, the bounding box isn’t oversized but the component origin is located away from the the model. When I inserted it into the model space I clicked at the model space origin. The component axes show as blue on the left in the image.

Here is the component open for editing and you can see where the component origin and axes are located. You could move the origin and axes as I described before. Where do you want the origin to be and what alignment for the axes?

DaveR, THANKS. I was actually looking for miscellaneous geometry that wasn’t there. It was only the distance from the origin that created the bounding box. So it’s ok. to explode the component & keep the group. I did notice that on selection only the groups bounding box was highlighted blue. Weird but nice to know. Ruby on rails.

So the solution has been mentioned 3 times in this discussion already :wink:

There’s no need to explode the component. If the location of the component’s origin isn’t what you want, just move it.

DaveR, sorry to be obtuse but I cannot connect your words to the actual action I must perform. I just imported a 2x4 that was 8’ long, reduced it to 22 3/16 long and still when I select it the Blue box shows the original dim. I’ve tried changed the axis but it is not changing the blue box.

How about sharing the 2x4 component?

Very likely there’s some additional geometry inside the component wrapper but seeing it would make it possible to tell you exactly what the issue is.

Dave, due to my limited learning curve I just saw your post. Sorry for the delay, I think I’ve attached the 2x4 model.2x4 @ 8_.skp (15.2 KB)

I think you are correct which leaves me with another question. How in the heck do I find the extra geometry?

Well, the 2x4 in that file is 8 feet long and doesn’t exhibit the problem you described (at least on my computer…).

I’m not seeing this bounding box size issue in your model. Even when I reduce its length to 22-3/16 in. long, it behaves as I would expect.

How were you changing the length of it?