Blue component outline does not match contents

Hi everyone! First post here, please excuse any wrong terminology. When I select certain components or groups in my model, the blue outline that appears doesn’t actually match the shape of the enclosed shapes. Can anyone please tell me what’s going on here?

Because I can’t explain it any better, I’ve attached this image!

Thanks in advance!

The blue ‘bounding box’ is aligned with the Drawing Axis upon creating the component/group.

Be sure that it matches your drawn geometry before.
You can see them if you edit the group or component (double click or rightclick->edit)
Those are the ‘internal origin’ or ‘insertion point’ for that group/component

You can change them afterwards, though.
For components, rightclick on it and choose ‘change axis’

For groups, open the group, hover with the mouse over one of the ‘internal axis’ and rightclick, choose ‘Place’


In addition to what Mike said, in the example you posted above, explode your group/component and make group/component again and your outline will be fine again as it follows the rule mike explained first.

@MikeWayzovski Thanks so much for the speedy reply. It certainly did the trick!

@paul.millet Cheers for the extra tip. :+1:

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