New Group with correct bounding-box

I think it would be helpful if each new group created had its boundingbox aligned with the longest edge, and an edge perpendicular to it.
What is the point of creating a group from a parallelepiped, with the boundingbox aligned to the global axes, if the entire parallelepiped is inclined with respect to them?

I do not agree. It should be as per definition:
Bounding boxes are three-dimensional boxes (eight corners), aligned with the axes, that surround entities within your model.

Moreover, how do you apply your definition to a things like:
(the lengths of the edges are equal)


Not trying to frustrate your request but I would like to disagree with what you see as helpful.
There is one bounding box orientation per “current drawing axes” whereas in what you suggest modeling space would become a mess when creating lots of different groups.


If you use a components you can control how the axis (and the bounding box) aligns. To me groups are quick and dirty, and components are things that I put thought into and want more control over.

You can do this with groups too, one simple way is to use the Axes tool within the group.


For the group also easy enough to change the bounding box by entering into its editing context and place the axes

(Edit. Box was faster :wink: )


Never knew this… don’t really have a need for it, but will remember it.

Whats the issue here? If I am not wrong OP is asking for bounding box to behave as the minimum oriented bounding box, which any shape has. If edges are equal it is indifferent which one you use.

It would make sense to have groups automatically generate oriented bounding box for scaling and other operations.

That can already be done if needed. Read the the thread.

No need to be rude.

Like I said, I am not sure if this what OP is asking. But it seems he wants it to be the default behavior, not manually change the axis.

I wasn’t being rude.

Making it the default behavior will create other problems. Leaving it as the user’s choice makes sense.

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Agree to disagree, the groups and components bounding box isn’t something that needs to be fixed or changed.

Accusing me of not reading the thread is pretty rude. Telling me what to do is also pretty rude.
I have read it, and for what it seems I have understood it better than you.

What problems would it create? More often than not you need the axis to be aligned to the object not to the world.

I agree having an option to easily set axis by world or by object would be ideal, like what Cinema4D where you can swap between both with the press of a key.


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There are instances where this is not true.

@ShynnSup, these are OP’s words. He/she should at least elaborate on how this feature should tackle different situations. Only longest edge and perpendicular to …, but in what plane?

This is a simple machine part WIP.

The most logical direction will be ignored by (here) three options larger than the front base edge.
The largest edge doesn’t make sense to be a candidate.

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Last year I was also get the idea if I will be able to calculate these boxes using Ruby API. (Note: I’m not a programmer or math, just a amateur enthusiast…)

It is relatively easy to find the smallest bounding box whose sides are parallel to the coordinate axes. However this one also can use a lots of resources for complex geometries. (It is actually programmed into SU: The scale tool is determining the “local” or “actual” bounding box s of the selected geometries. Unfortunately it is not exposed to Ruby API)

The hard part of the problem is determining the orientation of the box if it is not required to be axis-aligned. The algorithms I find - related to this - is difficult to understand with my education, and even, I’m not sure if it is exactly possible, or just can be approximated… I gave up the research due to my other occupation ( and the lack of current knowledge :blush: ),

I assume if this “define a minimum oriented bounding box” was simple, it would have been programmed into SketchUp… :wink:

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Prior to the 2022 version when you got inside a group or a component that had the axis not aligned to the world, if you needed to work from a view like front, top, left or right they were aligned to the world, for all the views except the top and bottom was a way to align view to a selected face, but top and bottom was impossible to align properly, it was rotated, but since the 2022 version the views are aligned to the local axis. That was the only fix that was needed. Doing what you’re suggesting would be annoying in most of the cases, it’s fine the way it is, if you want to change the axis do it manually.

I am in favor of leaving as in in 2022. It works, I can change axis whenever I chose.