Getting objects to click (round edge)

Hi everyone.

I’m desperately trying to improve my workflow. Our product has rounded edges but trying to have them click together is agonisingly slow! I’m manually pulling cabinets together where corners should meet but with the cabinets having round edges it doesn’t naturally do this.

Is there are way to set them up so I can add some kind of geometry where they would like to click together or perhaps an extension that makes this easier?

Image attached to help explain. Many thanks to anyone that can help!

Use ‘Proxy’’ elements inside your component:


Little wonder you can’t see what you’re doing when most of it is painted black.

• Begin by working in Monochrome
• Then turn on Hidden Geometry
• Now experiment with switching to X-Ray and Wireframe face styles.

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Can you not pick one one cabinet where the rounded corner joins the straight edge, and move it to the corresponding point on the adjacent one?

Or add guide points (inside the cabinet components), where the corners would be without the rounding, like this?

Several plugins can generate guidepoints simply, although you can at a pinch use the Tape Measure tool instead.

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Rich has a plugin called Anchor points that does that.


Thanks MikeWayzovski. I’ve just found an extension called anchor point thanks to another reply on here but I’ll keep this as I think this will come in hand for another application in mind! Cheers

John_mcclenahan. This would be possible however the cabinets will be added to an environment so I wont be able to use the axis lines. The measuring tape would be fine but it wouldn’t increase workflow if I constantly have to do this.

Box. Thanks for this. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing. Simple and effective. This is going to save me hours! Cheers

Sounds as if the Anchor Points plugin is an easier way to get the points you need than drawing them (though that isn’t at all hard with a plugin like PointTool from SkectchUcation).

I don’t really understand this comment. Although I have the cabinets on the red axis, they could be anywhere. You just need to grab one by a corner point with the Move tool, then put that point on top of the guidepoint in the previously placed cabinet, wherever it is.

There is also a paid plugin that allows you to create specific snap points within your components.

Mike W. I know enough to appreciate what you did but I never knew about these techniques – loved that tiny gif file and the techniques, of course. I have avoided working with curves because I laced these methods. Thanks! Just wondering. Did you use SU to make that or a screen recorder?

I used Licecap for that.


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