How do I pin edges to a rounded surface?

Hi there everyone! I am new to SketchUp. I saw it as a powerful tool in my line of work. I am a showroom consultant for kitchen and baths and I know helping customers visualize their space will be incredibly valuable to me. I’ve gotten ok at working in the 3D space and creating basic rooms with existing models from 3D warehouse. However besides Brizo and Kohler many manufacturers do not have full 3D models in place yet. Therefore I am now trying to learn to make those models myself. I am currently working on what I thought would be a relatively easy sink to start out with: Piccolo by Lacava. They offered a 2D CAD file that I’ve used as a template. I made the bowl shape with the FollowMe Tool. However now I am having trouble with the backside of it. To mount the sink in the corner of the room, there is a right angle of porcelain that follows the curve of the bowl. I can’t seem to get my shape to join the bowl.

I’ve included the sketchup file to let any prospective helpful souls see what I have so far and hope that I can get some help. I’ve also included the manufacturer’s specs. Any help is greatly appreciated and if anyone has recommendations for tutorials or other resources on modeling bathroom stuff specifically I’m all ears! Thank you all for your time!

PICCOLO.pdf (268.6 KB)

SketchUp Piccolo

So you just want to add the corner geometry into the sink component?

With the Select tool, triple click on the corner geometry to select it all.
Hit Ctrl+X to cut the selection to the clipboard.
Double click on the sink component to open it for editing.
In the Edit menu, click on Paste in place.

Thank you! That is a way easier way then I did it, but I also need one step further. How do I get the edge of that corner geometry to fit on the edge of the bowl so there is no gap between the side that is dropped on the blue axis and the rounded edge of the bowl? Can I just repeat this step on the other vertex?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking.

Are you trying to achieve this sort of thing?

What gap are you referring to? Like @DaveR I’m not sure what you mean. But maybe it is the result of SketchUp’s representation of circles as polygons? Unless the polygon sides or vertices line up with your new edges, they may not touch.

Edit: did you mean for the one edge to be askew to the red axis? In this image, I added construction lines parallel to the red and green axes and tangent to the rim of the bowl.

I noticed that, too. I figured the sink is being custom made to fit into an obtuse corner. :wink:

This is exactly it! I just realized I could draw a right triangle and it would work just fine. v.v;; sorry for the hard to understand replies. Thank you all for your help through this!

I filled in the hole in the bottom of the sink so it would be solid component and I fleshed out your corner geometry to make a block which I also made into a solid component. Then I used the Trim Tool from Eneroth’s Solid Tools to trim the block. Then I erased the bit inside the sink. (you could use the native Trim tool, too, but it converts components to groups and creates more work later.)

Thaaaaat is cool. Thank you so much!

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