Inserting a sink into a counter top

Hi Guys
First post here, joined today.
I am quite new to Sketchup, can somebody tell me the correct way to insert a sink into a counter top.
When I drop a sink in, the counter top is also inside the bowls obviously, I need to select the counter top face and delete the counter top within the bowls. Hope that makes sense.
I have searched for ages trying to find a tutorial on how to do this.
Thanks in advance.

See this previous thread:


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Just explode the sink completely and insert the sink on the top. and select the sink and right click intersect with the model and remove the unwanted faces and edges

Do Not explode the sink.

Select the counter top face and intersect that with model, and remove the unwanted parts.
If the countertop is part of a group or component you must open it for editing first so you are selecting the actual face that cuts through the sink.


sorry i apologize by mistake i have type explode sink.

Thanks for that, it works great.

No problem thanks for ur help.